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Content Warning: war and everything that comes with it, loss, potential themes of invasion and the like

Dodging Dice and Chucking Cubes is a silly print and play real time war game for 2 to 3 players designed to emulate the feeling of playing a bullet hell style videogame. This game involves throwing fistfuls of d6s, maneuvering pieces around the table and shouting silly sounds all to the rhythm of a 10 sec timer.

One player will take on the roll of the Mothership tossing d6’s across the map to hit and deal damage to the Start Fighters and to create cover against their assault. Every 10 sec they will shift their minions down the map, dealing damage if they come into contact with the Starfighters.

The other one or two players will take on the role of the Starfighters dodging attacks from the Mothership and attempting to destroy it or its minions. Coins are rewarded for hits and can be spent on power-ups. Every 10 seconds, the Starfighter players must roll to determine the Mothership’s Boss attack and shout out the sound that it makes. If they fail to do so, their ship will automatically take damage.

There is no turn order in this mini war game. There are no breaks to tally up damage or purchase upgrades. Players are encouraged to go as fast as possible. The game ends when either the Mothership or the Star Fighters are destroyed.

Shout at your friends.
Chuck dice at the table.
Fly around the map.
Always remember, you are loved.
CategoryPhysical game
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GenreRole Playing
TagsBullet Hell, dexterity, Dice, Multiplayer, printplay, Real-Time, shouting, Tabletop, war-game


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Dodging Dice and Chucking Cubes v1.5.txt 19 kB
StarfigherControlPanels_v1.5.pdf 184 kB

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