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In a magical world where the elements are alive and the spirits walk and play amongst us, evil comes from those who seek to exert their power over others. Perhaps a spirit monarch seeks to reclaim an elemental throne from millennia ago or an industrialized nation is occupying others and enforcing their way of life. You are a band of nomadic adventurers drawn together by the flow of the elements. Fueled by your hopes you will fight to aid the oppressed and create a better world. On your journey you will learn to align your will with the flow of the elements and discover abilities. In your darkest hour the elements take over and you become their AVATAR.

Celebrate Diversity
Help Those in Need
Fight Colonial Institutions
Channel the Elements
Remember, you are loved.

Channel the Elements is a 2 A5 page Down We Go hack written for the Together We Jam using the  TWG license. It is a nonlethal game about helping others. Each level you will select a new Ability in a chose element or a new Elemental Focus allowing you to more easily channel a refined form of the elements. When you would normally become incapacitated there is a chance of becoming an Avatar of the Elements as their raw power flows through you.

Also included is a fun mix and match style bestiary of wild creatures.


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This is a really smart and lovely adaptation of the Together We Go framework. I'm really amazed at how much difference the inclusion of the Hope mechanic makes to turn the gritty feel of DWG into something optimistic.

Thanks! I hope to write some random adventures in the future that are more like set pieces than dungeons. So, I want leveling to go off of progress towards making the lives of others better, rather than looting and killing. (I still enjoy those games as you can see from my other entries, but that's not what I wanted here.)